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Piano Mechanics

  • Contemporary Music Lab Aristotle University Campus 54124 Greece (map)

Jana Luksts (pianist) presents an immersive discussion on current and prospective performative techniques for piano. With the instrument’s extensive role in the past one hundred years as a vehicle for the design and experimentation of extended (ancillary) techniques as well as the development of “traditional” techniques and playing, the function of the instrument in the context of 21st century composition is brought into question. How can recent and experimental techniques be thoroughly developed and expanded upon to realize meaningful compositions? This presentation is an open invitation to discuss and exchange ideas relating to this issue. Themes to be covered are current innovative compositions for piano, the (careful) integration of multimedia elements, and the questionable role of the instrument within the classical concert format and as a stationary fixture in the recital hall. Composers are called upon to write compositions for piano over the next few months addressing the content of this discussion, to be performed by Jana in May/June.

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